NxtWall architectural wall systems fit your budget and building needs. NxtWall’s two distinct product lines – View and Flex Series, are integrated, versatile and completely demountable. 100% reconfigurable and up to 100% recyclable, our products promote daylight harvesting and LEED building designs. NxtWall has the fastest lead times in the architectural wall industry. Our wall systems are also fast and easy to install – perfect for a quick office reconfiguration or an economic alternative to standard drywall construction.

Who is NxtWall?

NxtWall is a manufacturer of architectural demountable wall systems. All NxtWall products are made in the USA. The NxtWall corporate headquarters is located in Kalamazoo, MI. Our corporate showroom/design center is located in Chicago, IL within the Kinzie Design Center on the 4th Floor, across the street from the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

What is NxtWall?

NxtWall is an architectural demountable wall solution using glass or an array of solid panel options that are scalable to any size project, unmatched in aesthetics, affordable in price and completely custom to fit your building needs.

Who uses NxtWall?

Corporations, Higher Education, Landlord/Tenant, General Contractors, Architects/Designers and Government (GSA).

The Sustainable Solution

NxtWall’s stylish architectural wall products offer unlimited opportunities to reconfigure and redesign existing space. With sustainability as our driving force, NxtWall has devised a component based system with zero waste. NxtWall architectural walls are 100% reconfigurable and up to 100% recyclable. They integrate with imperfect building conditions such as non-level floors, curvilinear layouts and out-of-plumb building columns. Details are in the design and NxtWall’s innovative wall products can help you achieve the look you want- at a price you can afford.

NxtWall Superior Architectural/Demountable Wall System

NxtWall’s View and Flex Series walls are always custom. If privacy is the answer, NxtWall can transform your wide-open space into the perfect office or conference room with our free-standing wall design. NxtWall architectural walls are flexible, functional and completely movable. Office space can be reconfigured overnight with minimal work interruption. The sophisticated center pane glass walls and glass doors of NxtWall’s View Series invite natural light into interior spaces. Highly adaptable to changing needs, the View Series’ refined minimalism and unmatched visual impact, makes NxtWall an aesthetically superior choice.

NxtWall: Truly a Demountable Wall System

NxtWall’s architectural demountable walls have revolutionized interior building construction with their component based field-fit installation and innovative approach to adapt to existing building conditions such as unleveled floors and irregular columns. This video guides you through the conceptual Design-to-Installation process, and then demonstrates how easy it is to change wall configurations and wall panel materials.

The Speech Privacy Systems Advantage! At Speech Privacy Systems, Privacy is all we do. As a result, we do it better than anyone else. We'll get you the best custom privacy solution for your space or your money back.

Work With The Best

Speech Privacy Systems has built a reputation for excellence in the industry, and it’s why both end-users and certified partners love working with us. We work closely with your facilities manager, GC or one of our outside partners to make sure you get the best complete privacy solution available for your facility.

What is Sound Masking?

Believe it or not, privacy is a measurable thing – and the lack of it is costing you money. Learn more about the ways to treat an acoustic environment, how Sound Masking works, and the reason it’s the single most effective tool in your acoustic toolbox.


The ROI of Speech Privacy

A noisy, distracting office costs your organization money, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. Let Speech Privacy Systems show you the incredible ROI of adding cutting edge sound masking to your office space!


Cutting Edge Privacy Products

A Cutting-Edge privacy solution requires both acoustic expertise and access to the most effective privacy products on the market. Find out how Speech Privacy Systems solve privacy problems for entire buildings or individual workstations.

Workplace Distractions Cost More Than You Know

Email Debora Westmoreland or call 210 383 1899 for more information.

Faciliteq-USA creates “High Performance Building Interiors easier… for less!” By utilizing experienced professionals, Faciliteq-USA optimizes all major high-performance building attributes for interior spaces: Raised Slab™ flooring, movable walls, sound masking, HVAC distribution, and furniture.

Faciliteq-USA creates “High Performance Building Interiors easier… for less!” By utilizing experienced professionals, Faciliteq-usa optimizes all major high-performance building attributes for interior spaces.

This includes energy conservation, environment, safety, security, durability, accessibility, cost-benefits, productivity, sustainability, functionality, and time compression.  Our team at Faciliteq-USA works together with our dealer network, architects, designers, and general contractor partners to create “turn-key” complete interior environments to maximize employee health, safety, and productivity with minimized costs.

A Faciliteq-USA project, partnered with over 125 OFUSA dealers across the US, makes the experience of creating furnished environments easier… for less. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturers, affordable prices, prompt delivery, online order capabilities, own fleet of trucks, install, and warehousing.


Faciliteq-USA provides “turn-key” architectural products and services to the OFUSA dealer network and incorporates the latest in new technology. 

These services include Raised Slab™, a new cost effective concept in access floors, movable walls, and sound masking that offer a completely flexible and adaptive methods for electrical and data service distribution, and underfloor air distribution. This method enables new technologies and organizational changes to be incorporated into a building with minimal down time and disruption to the tenants or employees.


Raised Slab™, a new technology that brings the evolution of building design to the next level.

Coupled with underfloor air, wiring, and data cabling services, and sound masking offer long-term value, improved flexibility, environmental integrity, and cost control. We incorporate modular walls, furniture, and environmental components to complete the “warm shell” build-out that generates renovation cost reductions and provides a sustainable working environment for employees. Let us REPURPOSE your environment!

Imagine the flexibility of the “Office of the Future” at equal to or below conventional build out costs.


    Some Components of the “High Performance Building Interiors”

  • Raised Slab™ Flooring
  • Movable Walls
  • Furniture
  • Sound Masking
  • HVAC Distribution
  • Plug-and-Play Electrical and Data
  • Time Compression
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable Sustainability

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