Dimensions:  28.5" × 27" × 35.5 – 39.5"
6000 Series ergonomic chair from BOSS. This multifunction task chair features arm height, back angle, center tilt, seat height, tilt lock, and tilt tension user controls.
Basic Assembly Required
List Price: $360
Your Price: $199
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Product Certifications
MAS: MAS Certified Green is a registered trademark to delineate low VOC emitting products. MAS often qualifies for credits in sustainability programs such as U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Rating system and other rating systems.
User Controls
Arm Height: Allows the arms to move up-and-down. Enables adjustment of the arm height.
Back Angle: Allows adjustment of the seat back angle independent of the chair.
Center Tilt: Allows for a fixed tilt of the chair body forwards-and-backwards on a pivot point centered below the seat pan.
Seat Height: Pneumatic lift that allows the chair body to move up-and-down. Enables adjustment of the seat height.
Tilt Lock: Allows the chair to lock in a fixed pivot position. Enables the the user to lock the forward-to-backward chair angle.
Tilt Tension: Allows adjustment of the chair tilt tension.