Dimensions:  29.5" × 26" × 31 – 37"
4x4 Series ergonomic chair from Eurotech. Model 498SL is Greenguard certified. This multifunction task chair features arm height, arm width, back angle, back height, center tilt, seat depth, seat height, tilt lock, and tilt tension user controls.
Basic Assembly Required
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Product Certifications
Greenguard: The GREENGUARD Certification Program gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.
User Controls
Arm Height: Allows the arms to move up-and-down. Enables adjustment of the arm height.
Arm Width: Allows the chair arms to move side-to-side. Enables the adjustment of the body space between the chair arms.
Back Angle: Allows adjustment of the seat back angle independent of the chair.
Back Height: Allows adjustment of the seat back height independent of the chair.
Center Tilt: Allows for a fixed tilt of the chair body forwards-and-backwards on a pivot point centered below the seat pan.
Seat Depth: Allows the seat pan to move backwards and forwards independent of the chair.
Seat Height: Pneumatic lift that allows the chair body to move up-and-down. Enables adjustment of the seat height.
Tilt Lock: Allows the chair to lock in a fixed pivot position. Enables the the user to lock the forward-to-backward chair angle.
Tilt Tension: Allows adjustment of the chair tilt tension.